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– Become a state leader in workplace health and wellbeing

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Healthy Together Mildura are excited to offer 5 local workplaces intensive assistance for three months to jump start their progress through the Healthy Together Achievement Program framework.

Workplaces in the Mildura area have shown strong support for the Healthy Together Achievement Program, with 52 workplaces registered to date. Several of our local workplaces have been amongst the first in the state to be recognised for their efforts including: Mallee Family Care, Zilizie Wines, Fishers Supermarkets, Mallee CMA, Victoria Police (Mildura), Prestige Staffing Personnel, Sunraysia Community Health Services and Mildura Rural City Council, Sunassist Volunteer Helpers and Department of Health and Human Services. This is an incredible achievement. Congratulations!

The Intensive Assistance Program – What you get
The support package outlined below represents less than 6 hours of your time. During this process we will work intensively with you to help embed health and wellbeing into your organisation’s culture and finalise a strong application for recognition point 1 of the Healthy Together Workplace Achievement Program.

Leading by example
HTM staff will meet with you to unpack the Achievement Program, systematically walk you through the new online portal; discuss your workplace’s capacity and resources to promote health and wellbeing, assist you to make a plan to establish your health and wellbeing team and identify tools to help you on the way.

Identify the current situation
Building on the previous meeting, HTM staff will help you develop a strong and realistic health promotion charter. This will assist you to move through the Achievement Program process from a strong foundation and set you up for success further down the line.

Get staff buy in
Healthy Together Mildura will conduct a brief presentation for your staff to get them interested and involved in the Achievement Program process. We will work with relevant staff to assess what is currently happening in your workplace and start to examine what the workforce believes are your health and wellbeing priorities.

Create a Plan
We will assist you to gain further input from staff to drill down to your workplace’s key health and wellbeing needs. Information gained from consulting with you and your staff will drive which priorities areas your workplace will focus on. This is where we can help you develop a strong action plan to work through the Achievement Program benchmarks and improve staff health in your chosen priority area/s.

Recognition, progress & motivation
We will help you strengthen the action plan, tie up the loose ends and work through the any barriers you may encounter. This will ensure you put forward a strong application for recognition point 1. We will also provide expert advice and ongoing support to maintain momentum.

10,000 Step Challenge 2016

Mon 1 Aug – Sun 4 Sep 2016
As an Intensive Assistance Package participant we will also provide you with additional support to help you recruit, motivate and support staff to participate in this year’s 10,000 Steps Challenge. Who knows, you could WIN this year!

If this package is not quite what you need, we will work with you to determine how Healthy Together Mildura can best support you to achieve your goals.

Why do it?
There are a number of benefits for both employers and employees in creating a healthier workplace. Recent evidence has highlighted the impact that the health and wellbeing of the workforce can have on a business:
•    Workplace health programs can reduce sick leave by up to 30% and increase productivity by 52%.
•    3.2 days per worker are lost each year through workplace stress.
•    Physical activity programs can reduce the number of injuries in a workplace by 25%.

The Achievement Program is a tool to help you create this environment. The Intensive Assistance Program aims to help you get there quicker. Even if you are already implementing initiatives  to promote health and wellbeing at work, the Achievement Program helps you build on these and get the best results for your business; and Healthy Together Mildura want to help you do it!

Eligibility Criteria
Workplaces interested in participating need to submit an application form which includes:
•    Signature of the CEO, Director or Manager indicating their support for involvement and commitment to the Intensive Assistance Program.
•    The name of the person in the organisation who is assigned as the key driver for change and their signature.
•    A commitment to finalise and submit a strong application for recognition point 1 by the end of 2015.
•    A willingness to ‘share your story’ with other workplaces and the wider community. This will occur in consultation with your workplace and could include one of the following methods: a video capture, case study, or presentation.

How to apply for intensive assistance from Healthy Together Mildura
Click the link below for an application form. (Word)

Application Form

Applications are open until noon Friday 15th July.

Please send your completed applications to:
Jackie Dawson
Health Promotion Officer – Healthy Together Mildura
PO Box 2803 Mildura Vic 3502       PH: 03 5021 7622


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