The Department of Health along with Healthy Together Mildura launched two marketing campaigns on 30 June 2013 to encourage residents in Mildura to take steps towards better health this winter.

‘Start with’ and ‘Go One Better’.

In Mildura, the focus of the campaigns is on encouraging local mums and dads to start new healthy eating habits. Eating healthy isn’t about fad diets or tricky recipes; it is about starting with small everyday actions such as adding an extra vegie to meals or snacks.

‘Start with’ is an integrated social marketing campaign supported by five key elements: paid advertising / mass media (press, radio, outdoor and digital), local media relations, and exposure via established community-based communication channels, and stakeholder engagement activities. The campaign is also supported by the stage one release of the statewide Healthy Together Victoria website. (Resources no longer available)

‘Go One Better’ has been developed by Healthy Together Mildura to compliment the ‘Starts With’ campaign. This local campaign targets our community specifically, and encourages Mildura residents to ‘go one better’ and eat an extra serve of vegies every day.” Key elements include paid advertising / mass media (press, radio and digital), local media relations, creative outdoor pole signs, A6 ‘What is a serve’ flyer located in Supermarkets, social media, school bus signage, coloring competition, email subscription with sweepstakes, veggie week, printed materials with QR code connectivity and random vegetable sightings.

We believe that you can help extend the reach of the campaign by encouraging people within your networks to start healthier habits this winter. We encourage you to help spread the word about our campaign efforts by:

  • including the campaign advertisement, articles and tips about healthy eating in member newsletters or publications (based on a short pre-written articles included in this kit)
  • disseminating Healthy Eating postcards to community members through email, post or at events
  • linking the Healthy Together Mildura website ( ) to your website or via your social media pages and activities so members can access more healthy tips;
  • Liking the Healthy Together Mildura facebook page ( and
  • displaying the ‘Start with’ and ‘Go One Better’ posters and postcards in your facilities.
  • Encourage your staff/members/friends to subscribe to the ‘Go One Better’ email campaign where they will get tips, tricks and healthy recipes, as well as going into the draw to win a $500 Mildura City Voucher

We appreciate any support you can provide locals in our area to take steps towards eating healthy.

Healthy BBQ cover

Healthy BBQ Kit

Barbecuing is one of Australia’s most traditional cooking methods and is embedded within modern Australian culture. A simple, traditional barbecue typically consists of sausages, onion, white bread and tomato sauce. But this is a meal low in fiber and high in saturated fat, oil and salt; the over consumption of which can adversely affect our health.

However, with a little thought and a few small changes, the barbecue can be a healthy and tasty cooking method. Healthy Together Mildura is looking to change the way we look at the humble barbecue and has developed an easy to use resource to help make barbecues healthier.

We acknowledge the OPAL program for their development of the original resource. OPAL is a joint initiative of the Australia Government, SA Health and Local Governments.

Healthy Together Mildura would also like to thank our local Lions Clubs and MRCC Community Development and Health Departments for helping make the kit a really useful document for our local area.