Mildura Region School Breakfast Partnership

An opportunity for every child in our region to have a nutritious start to the day.

Healthy food makes for healthy minds, this is key to a good education.  In response to consultation with schools in 2012/2013 regarding a growing awareness that many students were going to school most days without eating breakfast, Healthy Together Mildura developed and formalised a program to support school breakfast programs in the Mildura Local Government Area.

Through extensive consultation with schools, Healthy Together Mildura found the following:

  • Many teachers believe a significant number of children are affected by the issue of hunger
  • Principals identified that children attending school without having eaten breakfast was a barrier to student health and wellbeing as well as positive learning outcomes –  which has wide ranging and potentially long term ramifications
  • Several schools had identified regular student absenteeism was often linked with a family’s inability to send food to school with a child
  • Several schools in the region had attempted school breakfast programs in the past or were running small scale breakfast programs, but these programs we viewed by schools as unsustainable and were a drain on school’s limited funds
  • Other schools identified a need for a breakfast program but didn’t have the finances or capacity to establish a program

Demand on available resources has increased over the last four years as the average number of breakfasts served each term grows. In 2016 we saw breakfasts served grow to over 1000 breakfasts per week. In 2017, this number has grown to reach 1200 breakfasts served per week and is likely to increase as more schools continue to get involved this year.

The Partnership Model


In our region we have adopted a coordinated and collaborative approach to breakfast programs. The Mildura Region School Breakfast Partnership is designed to strengthen and establish school breakfast programs in the Mildura region and alleviate the financial burden on school budgets. The Partnership includes Healthy Together Mildura, Foodbank Australia, participating schools and financial donors.

Schools jointly contribute to, and share from, a central pool of funds as well as support each other by sharing information, ideas and insights into getting the most out of the program.

This approach ensures all schools have the same opportunity to host a breakfast program, eliminates competition between schools for funds, provides practical locally relevant advice, and encourages whole of community support for the Partnership.

Partnership Report 2016/2017

The Mildura Region School Breakfast Partnership is one of the most important and unique programs initiated by Healthy Together Mildura to date.

After 4 years, this is what we know:
The Partnership supports a variety of school breakfast programs across the region which:
• Contribute to improved general health, nutrition, hygiene and wellbeing of students
• Contribute to student and parent engagement
• Provides access to fresh fruit, which schools identified as an essential component to promote healthy eating
• Fosters collaboration and emphasises local support and community ownership, which are key components to ongoing success

More support is needed to meet growing demand.

For the full picture on the impact The Mildura Region School Breakfast Partnership is having on our community, download our 2016/2017 report by clicking on the image below (PDF).

MRSBP Evaluation Report Cover










Participating Schools

Participating Schools:

From initial pilot launched 2013
• St Paul’s Primary School
• Ranfurly Primary School
• Red Cliffs East Primary School
• Red Cliffs Secondary College
• Chaffey Secondary College
• Mildura Senior College
• St Joseph’s College
• Dareton Public School (NSW)

Joined 2014
• The Lake Primary School

Joined 2015
• Mildura West Primary School

Joined 2016
• Mildura Specialist School
• Irymple Secondary College
• Trinity Lutheran College
• St Joseph’s Primary School

Joined 2017

• Red Cliffs Primary School
• Nangiloc Colignan & District Primary School
• Murrayville Community College

Started in 2018

• Henderson College

4 local kindergartens are also now sourcing fruit through the Partnership. This demonstrates a possible unmet need in this area which requires further exploration.

Powercor Tour de Depot

Powercor Public Notice FB Share

We are delighted that the Mildura Region School Breakfast Partnership was chosen as one of the Powercor Tour de Depot charity partners for 2016!
This will make a world of difference to for the Partnership. Not only will it enable us to continue to support 18 local schools to provide over 1200 breakfasts per week to children across the region, we will also be able to expand the program to assist even more children.



Donors get Involved!


Mildura schools struggle to keep breakfast programs funded. It is difficult to keep the costs of buying food low as the demand for these types of programs increase. To make sure they survive and can expand as required, we want to build long-term financial partnerships to reduce costs and to keep these breakfast programs thriving.

We are hoping to hear from influential businesses and community agency who want to support healthy children in Mildura. We are particularly interested in talking to potential donors around significant long term donations, and discussing how we can recognise your support.

100% of your donation will:    

•    be directed to a dedicated account for the sole use of Schools in the Mildura region for the Breakfast Program Partnership
•    be used to pay for subsidised food for school breakfast programs
•    be tax deductible (donations above $2.00). Sunraysia Community Health Services will issue a donation receipt

Contact Healthy Together Mildura on 035025 9604  or if you want to find out more about becoming a donor.



The Breakfast Partnership is currently supported by:



Schools rely on internal staff members and external community support to enable them to run their school breakfast programs. As the need among our students for a healthy breakfast continues to increase with the growing needs of the community, the volunteer hours of members of our community  is increasing significantly each year. The Mildura Region School Breakfast Partnership would like to acknowledge the amazing contribution of all our volunteers and thank them for supporting this fantastic local initiative. Member schools are encouraged to acknowledge the contribution of their breakfast program volunteers each term. To access the certificate of appreciation click on the link below:

MRSBP Certificate of Appreciation


Gold Donors:

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Silver Donors:


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