Mildura South Kindergarten
Bike Rack Grant Submission 2016

In an effort to encourage our students to ride their bikes to kindergarten, we would like to install a new bike rack adjacent to our building and car park, so the children can securely park their bikes whilst they attend their session.
We have researched extensively to find a manufacturer who makes a rack that takes up minimal space, whilst still meeting our requirements of being suitable for small bikes for our 3, 4, and 5 year old students.

The particular rack we are looking at is of high quality material and construction, and this reflects in the pricing.

Should we be successful in obtaining the $1,000 grant, we would be able to cover the additional costs that are over and above this amount and the cost of labour for the assembly and installation of the rack at our site.

At Mildura South Kindergarten, we actively follow the Healthy Together guidelines for healthy eating, exercise and sustainability, and we see encouraging our students to ride to kindergarten as a natural extension to these teachings.  Having a suitable bike rack will allow us to promote cycling while having the peace of mind that the children’s bikes will be safe and secure whilst they are at kinder.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this grant, on behalf of the children, families and staff of Mildura South Kindergarten.

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