Application Letter for New Scooter Racks

We really need some scooter racks because we are using bike racks at the moment to put our scooters on and a lot of kids mostly ride scooters to school (rather than bikes) and have nowhere to really put them safely and to make sure they are secure.

It would be very helpful if you could help us out with some financial assistance to purchase some pre made racks.

At the moment the storage facility is way around at the back of the school and it would be good if we could put some scooter racks at the front of the school so that it is in a much safer and more secure location and students could put them away straight. As you can see from this photo we are storing our scooters in the bike racks.


We have a little shed area that we would like to put some Scooter racks in that is near the front of the school. As you can see from the photo it is a good little spot but needs some work.


We really want to encourage more students to ride or ‘scoot’ to school and we think a nice new scooter storage rack would encourage this.



Too many kids catch the bus to school. We want to encourage “Healthy, Active, Fit’ Students. A healthy body = A Healthy Mind. = Better Results in your School Work.

This is a photo of the lockable scooter rack that we would like to purchase. It costs $711 plus GST and Transport costs. We think it looks really ‘snazzy’ and would love to have something like this in our new ‘Scooter Rack  Cage’.


By Brodie Vilcu, Max Stainer, and Jake Oliver – Year 10 FLO Students.

Supporting Evidence

•    Our Students are desperate for new Scooter Racks because at present we do not have any and many of our students have started to ride their scooters but have nowhere to safely store them. We really want to encourage more students to do this and we think they will if they have somewhere safe and secure to store them.
•    If we do have a safe and secure rack to store the scooters in then more students will be active and ride their scooters to school and we want as many students as possible to participate in the Premiers Active April challenge this year and in the years to come. At present we only have about 6 students out of 440 that ride their bikes to school but riding scooters is becoming more popular and we really want to encourage this active travel to school. We have about 20 students who ride their scooters and every day we have issues with students not putting their scooters away and the reason is because they have nowhere safe to secure them.
•    We need Lockable Scooter racks that we can place in to our bike rack shed. This will be purchased from Securabike (Phone 1300780450) and will cost……$711 plus GST and FREIGHT.
•    If we are successful with our submission we will install the racks as soon as we can purchase them ( before 30 April). The school will redesign the current storage cage that we have. Our Maintenance Man will be able to do this and it will involve very little if any cost. The only cost will be the purchase of the racks. We would like to have this done by the end of this term.

Sally Corless
Irymple Secondary College
FLO Teacher /Year 9 Coordinator