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Mildura is involved in a major initiative to improve people’s health where they live, learn, work and play by addressing the causes of health problems. It’s an initiative that puts the emphasis of healthy living back into local hands.

The prevention initiative is called Healthy Together Victoria (HTV). On a local level, Healthy Together Mildura is a partnership between Mildura Rural City Council and Sunraysia Community Health Services and is funded by the State Government of Victoria.

Healthy Together Mildura is using local partnerships and a skilled health promotion workforce to encourage healthy eating and physical activity; reduce smoking and harmful alcohol use.

The  Healthy Together Mildura area covers the entire MRCC municipality, including outlying areas such as Lake Cullulleraine, Ouyen and Murrayville

To create long-term change we need to promote both healthy individuals and community action. We need to work together to make healthy living the easy choice, wherever someone is within our community: at home, at work, at school, at the shops or in the park.

The initiative will tackle the underlying causes of poor physical health for both children and adults through:

  • Supporting a range of evidence-informed community-led healthy living programs and strategies to build skills and knowledge around healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco and harmful alcohol use, and other health issues
  • Focussing on community development to help ensure community planning promotes safe and active surroundings for family well being
  • Helping to promote access to affordable healthy food options
  • Using media and community action to promote healthy messages and motivate the community
  • Encouraging local early childhood services, schools and workplaces to address and support health and wellbeing by becoming ‘health promoting settings’ with activities that link with broader community initiatives.

Evaluation Paper 2012-2016


10,000 Steps Challenge

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Is your health at risk?

Why we are here

Taking a ‘Systems Approach’

Healthy Together Mildura is taking a ‘Systems Approach’ to make healthy change in our community. But what does that mean?

Here is a short video of how systems thinking can be used in program evaluation to maximize program effectiveness.

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